Use Evernote for full-featured email functionality


Evernote’s built-in email feature is pretty limited, never mind using it as an email client. Plus, many clicks are required.

Emails are sent from “”, and it can be very confusing when you try to tell them they can reply, but not send emails to that address. I had to specify that in my email signature.

With PEAK Mail powered by Filterize, full featured email client functionality is now available.

They come from your email address, and the reply-to address will be the same. This service is only available for private email addresses (not gmail, yahoo, etc). We can set one up for you if you don't have one.



Email is delivered to your Mailbox Notebook, and marked as a reminder.

You can reply, forward, archive or make it actionable – by adding tags.


You create a new note and put the subject line. The template is applied shortly. You write the email, then add recipients as tags.

Emails tagged as Reply are already prefixed with “RE:”, the template applied above the body of the original, and the sender’s email address is added as a tag. You simply add your message and mark the reminder as done to send it, and it’s moved to Sent notebook and marked read-only.

Emails tagged as Forward use the same workflow, except the prefix is “FYI” and you need to add the recipient’s email address.

Send Later

Emails you add a future date via reminders are stored in Send Later notebook, until it is overdue; the email is then moved to your Drafts notebook, so you can update it if you need to. Mark reminder as done, and it is delivered.


If you don’t want to deal with it, just add a date to the reminder: the email will be stored in Snoozed until overdue, then it lands back in your mailbox.


Emails in your Mailbox that need no action but may be referred to later can be marked done, and it will be stored in your Archive notebook.


If the email is actionable, you can rename it to the next actionable step. Then add the Actions tag, and any matching Projects, Contacts or other tags are added automatically. The email is moved to Actions notebook.