Coming Soon



A single notebook with emails, conversations, phone calls, meetings, and agenda items will be tagged as such. This will cut down on the list of notebooks, and new dashboards with corresponding linked lists will be made.


We have Project Dashboards, with planning info you can fill in. An index of relevant actions, contacts, reference material, emails, etc. will be listed and linked.


A dashboard with linked action notes, which you can click on for more info or simply check off as done.


Calendar functionality with Filterize will allow you to use your calendar app for repeated reminders, but this dashboard will give you an overview of upcoming meetings and events. Templates are included.


A list of journal items with date and times, and an additional section with completed actions.

Personality Customization

We can customize the system for your personality type. You may have heard of this, but let's review what we have found. 

According to Meyer’s Briggs, there are at least 16 different personality types. We found there was a corollary between this, the productivity styles of Carson Tate, and one professional work environments use frequently called DISC. All can be grouped in four categories.

Aligning your personality, productivity and professional working style with the UNITY GRID is now possible.

Creating a system for each of the four groups, then tailoring individually is our plan.