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How SimProCon began

Simple Productivity Consulting


I wandered through the productivity wilderness for the better part of 10 years searching for the perfect system and catalyst to get organized, trying many programs and methodologies.

After I chose Getting Things Done by David Allen, I had no trouble finding apps. However, since everybody seems to have their own interpretation of how to use GTD, there are endless possibilities of how to implement it. That's because it is a system, and not a program.

I decided this would form the basis of how to be productive. As for what to use, I continued to return to Evernote. 

Problems With Evernote

There are myriad ways to organize your notes. When Evernote launched the feature called reminders, I was excited to manage tasks. But my enthusiasm waned with the complex management and the manual labor involved in maintaining Evernote. I became bewildered. Meanwhile, I searched for useful templates. 

Enrico Nahler – Template Master

Although there are some rudimentary  templates out there, by far the most masterful template creations I could find were made by Enrico Nahler, from Germany. He actually started selling a productivity system embedded in an e-book within Evernote.

It had a lot of potential, but there were broken links. Why? The amount of work that it took to create and maintain that system was beyond the scope of human ability. I contacted Enrico with Evernote Chat, and found out that he was stuck.

I proposed to Enrico that we start with basic GTD templates. Then he said the problem with GTD is we don't have the same types of personalities. We learned that there is a way to fully align this with your productivity and professional working style.

Pascal Held – Automation Wizard

After many many hours of grueling labor and creating templates, Pascal Held, the founder of Filterize, had designed and implemented a way to fully automate Evernote. Just google him, you’ll find him in Google Scholar. This guy is brilliant, a true Savant (but NOT idiot Savant).

inception of SimProCon

In 2016, we started a joint project to create a personality based productivity system in Evernote. Our intent was to create a unified hub within Evernote for email, contacts, projects, journals, actions, information storage, reference, and anything else you can imagine all in one place, multi platform, and fully automated, not one-size-fits-most, but tailored for your individual needs. 

mountainous obstacle

Our obstacle hurdle was the API limit, which meant that our 3rd party automation service, Filterize, was throttled.

We were planning on enterprise deployment, but the 100 event-per-hour API limit crippled scalability and functionality. The third-party integration via the API is the one of the major reasons Evernote is so incredibly useful. So we could not scale this for small or even medium size businesses, never mind Enterprise.

Sad Goodbye

Enrico (the other partner) moved onto other ventures, and I felt like this would be the end of SimProCon. Yet another failed startup.


Pascal Held recently informed me that the limit has been lifted (I imagine because Evernote moved to Google Cloud). Now, a full-scale implementation is possible – something those of you on the waiting list will be ecstatic about!

Also, Enrico turned this project over to me. I am here to tell you that this would not have been possible without his significant contribution. I am indebted to him for his ingenuity and patience.